Ready to get your Ducks in a Row and Finally Launch?

Ready to get your Ducks in a Row and Finally Launch?

Create your Signature Offer in 5 Days and Launch by Monday


Okay, I know what you're thinking...

"Jen, I've got a lot of ducks!"

But the truth is...
There are really only 5 Ducks

The rest is All Fluff!

(I know. Fluff is cute, but resist the fluff)

Let's Meet the Important Ducks in your pond...

Niche Duck

Don't Blindly sell to just Anyone

Messaging Duck

Engage your Ideal Audience

Content Duck

Give them Value they want

Offer Duck

Make it Attractive so it will Convert

Funnel Duck

Take them to the next Step

And the REAL star of the show is...


If those other Ducks aren't lined up and following YOU, the Mama Duck, your business will feel disorganized and chaotic. 

Personality Duck

Be Yourself and give your Offer your Signature!

How do you Prefer to Run your Business?

In Chaos?


In Alignment?

Hi, I'm Jen!

You probably know me from the "Unbox Your Personality" podcast.

I'm your Personality Strategist for your Business to get all of those ducks lined up and following YOU, instead of feeling bombarded by all the things that aren't actually relevant to you or your business.

During this bootcamp, I'll show you how to integrate the 3 Core Aspects about your Personality into your business to create a Signature Offer that is so unique to you, that it eliminates the competition and generates 80% of your revenue on autopilot!

When you make more income by working less, that means no more burnout, more time making the connections or serving the people (you know, the whole reason you started your business to begin with!), and gain more freedom to have the Life Style you're working so hard to achieve.

What you'll learn:

  • How your "Signature Offer" feeds 2 birds with one seed
  • Understanding the 3 Core Aspects of your Personality
  • Finding a Niche that makes you Stand out 
  • Messaging that makes them instantly hand you their credit card 
  • Content that over-delivers (without over-extending yourself) 
  • Making your Offer a No-Brainer 
  • Be the Boss: Line up those Ducks to follow you! 
  • Automation and Systems 
  • Launching without the stress

Want to get results Faster?

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  • Bonus Training: Weeding out the Ducks so you can Take Action Now
  • Bonus Training: Tech Essentials for the Non-Techy personality
  • Get the hands-on coaching you need to maximize your momentum

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It's time to get in Alignment

Psst! It's Free!