Are you ready to turn
Vicious Cycles into
Productive Systems?

Life is too short to get stuck in
the SAME rut over and over again
but we’re changing that today!

Work with your personality instead of against it
and finally feel like you're moving forward in your business.

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No prior enneagram knowledge is required

This 1-1 package deal is for you if...

INFORMATION want to know for sure which is your Enneagram Type.

INTEGRATION already know your type, but don't actually know how to use the Enneagram to grow as a person.

IMPLEMENTATION want Life or Business coaching that brings balance and alignment without the hustle.

Stop wondering and Start living

Let's talk about it...

1. Get Clarity (with accurate information)

The Enneagram information on the internet is overwhelming and seemingly contradicting. (And don't get me started on the inaccuracy of online tests!) Typing is a process of elimination, so you really need to know about all 9 types.

I know…I know. But you just don't have the time to learn about all 9 types. Besides, it seems the more you learn, the more confused you get!

Friend, you need to sit down with a coach!

Even if you are a unicorn and magically have all the time in the world...

...the natural blind spots of each type can make it near impossible to catch without an objective party and a structured process.

Once you know which type for sure is your "home base," you become privy to the unconscious fears, desires, and weaknesses that are holding you back.

And more importantly, the motivations, values, and strengths that can get you back on track.

2. Get Direction

Maybe you already know which type you are, but you don't actually know how to use the Enneagram for your Personal Growth journey.

Understanding your unconscious motivations underneath your patterns of behaviors frees you from your box!

You don’t have to feel stuck on a path. You can reflect and choose a healthy response, build intentional boundaries and forge a new path at any time.

You need to understand your motivations, values, and strengths (both nature and nurture) and open up the possibilities!

3. Get Aligned

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, off-balanced, and questioning yourself "How did I come to this?"'ll be saying... "Look how far I've come!"

Truly successful businesses start with a firm foundation of:

  • Knowing Yourself 
  • Knowing Your Audience 
  • Knowing Your Offer
and developing a strategy that is aligned and balanced to all three.

When you apply the Enneagram to your business, you get crystal clear on who you want to serve and how you can best serve them without compromising yourself.

 "Jen helped me realize why the online test could not understand the WHY behind my actions. She asked insightful questions and really made me THINK about my motivations and fears, and how they effect my behaviors. Working with Jen, I found my true Enneagram Type, and it has opened my eyes to working WITH my personality to achieve my goals in life. I recommend her to all my friends and family!

Pet Care, business owner