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Enneagram Typing

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The 9AL Basics (for Enneagram Typing) $97 USD
The 9AL Game Plan (Full Course) $297 USD
The 9AL Game Plan VIP (Full Course + 2 VIP Calls) $497 USD

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    Create your Enneagram Game Plan (9AL™) $97 USD
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    $97 USD

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    Add-on a 1-1 Follow-up Typing Session with Jen for more Clarity on which is your Enneagram Type and Game Plan strategies for your specific profile. This is a one-time offer and will go back to regular price if you add it on later.

    $197 USD


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        The 9AL Basics (for Enneagram Typing) includes:

        • Understand the Differences and
          Similarities of all 9 types
        • Full Access to the 9AL Modules
        • Select Access to supporting
          lessons from other Modules
        • Choose this plan if you want
          to identify/confirm your
          Enneagram Type

        What others are saying about the 9AL™


        So many incredible Enneagram GEMS! Whoa! Blown away! 🙂

        Bella B


        I really wanted a business where I wasn't chained to my desk 24/7 and working long hours and struggling with burnout. Jen has really helped me understand how to work with my unique energy and my personality so that I could put the structures in place in my business that really worked for me.

        Dawn P


        Jen has a beautiful way of drawing out your best, revealing your true self, and making you feel empowered and inspired... get in her circle! You won't be disappointed.

        Lea J


        Jen's approach is so unique - it's simple, easy to follow, and yet mindblowing. I love how she sprinkles in life stories, backs it all with science and brings in different analogies to really get the point across.

        Marta S