The Secret to Being You! (PDF Bundle)

For Life and Business - Includes eBook, Enneagram Types description summaries, cheat sheet, a Type Indicator and Quick Reference Guide to the 9AL™

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        I appreciate how simple it was to find my true Enneagram number with these strategies in the book. At first I wasn't sure if it was worth even knowing it. If you work from home like I do, you'll know how easy it is for personal conflict to affect business due to the emotional drain from the family drama. This has allowed me to give them (and myself) more grace, leading to peace in the home. And even understanding my customers and students better! But most of all, this book has helped me see I need to streamline my business so that it fits MY personality now that I know my blindspots.

        Lea Jacobson - Certified Clinical Aromatherapist


        What's not to praise about this book! As an avid Enneagram believer/fanatic, I've read quite a few pieces on the topic, but Jen's approach is so unique - it's simple, easy to follow, and yet mindblowing. I love how she sprinkles in life stories, backs it all with science and brings in different analogies to really get the point across. Finally, what engaged me THE MOST - and why I plan to use and recommend this book to clients and friends - is that she presents the ultimate solution to avoid mistyping. It's more than "do your reseach," she HAS done the research and saves us so much time. I love it!

        Marta Spirk - Empowered Woman Coach