Another Cancellation?

Learn the coaching skills that reduce no-shows

People don't leave businesses. People leave People.

❌ That's why you'll go out of your way to drive an extra 5 miles to go to the same superstore... because the customer service returns person at the one closer to you is rude and you always leave feeling angry or dissatisfied.

❌ Or you'll avoid going to the Italian restaurant across from your office that has the best shrimp fettucine... because the wait staff act like they hate their job and bring the whole vibe down 10 notches, leaving you second-guessing the tip amount you should leave them.

  • But you'll also go to the same lengths to get your hair done an hour away because, not only do you trust the stylist's skills,
    but you genuinely like her as a person.

Are you secretly worried you're not passing the Vibe Check?

Is a lack of rapport or trust impacting loyalty to your brand? 😬

Do you stumble over your words, afraid you'll say the wrong thing? πŸ™Š

Are you an over-sharer in an attempt to be transparent, but it leaves your clients overwhelmed or bored? πŸ₯±

Do you miss the days of 'professionalism' or do you wish more people accepted your colorful language without judging you or your business? 🀬

  • You don't need to change your whole Personality, you just need Coaching Skills!

Let us teach you how to interact with your customers and clients in a way that leads to the mutual respect that creates loyalty.

Why enroll in this Coaching Skills 101 mini-course?

  • Brief yet Thorough 
    We've distilled the essential coaching skills into a compact formatβ€”no fluffβ€” just practical insights to jumpstart your journey, perfect for busy schedules.
  • Ease of Learning 
    Download and Go! You get both the transcripts and audio so you can either sit down and focus, or learn on-the-go!
  • Immediate Application 
    Put your learning into practice with quick, actionable exercises for interacting with your customers and start seeing results today
  • Certification 
    Receive a mini-certificate to signal your commitment to coaching excellence. This mini-course is also eligible for credit hours to apply toward full certification. Learn more here.

"The learnings I have taken away from working with Jen, particularly in the area of communication, has fundamentally changed the dynamics of my relationships for the better. I now approach conversations with a deeper layer of understanding and empathy."


CEO of Systa Solutions

πŸ• In less than an hour...

You'll learn the 3 essential coaching skills you NEED to have β€” so you can fill your business with happy, loyal customers...

(Plus, the skills that are NICE to have...)

... without needing to go through an expen$ive coach certification program!

People work with People they Trust.

If you fail to connect with them, they'll keep looking for the unicorn that "gets" them.

Or worse, they'll walk away feeling jaded and conduct the kind of word of mouth advertising you don't want!

Every business owner needs to be able to build a relationship with clients and prospects that is in-service and not salesy. πŸ¦„

With this Coaching Skills 101 mini-course, you can quickly build rapport and likeability that will benefit you way beyond your business relationships!

Coaching Skills = Interpersonal Skills

You don't have to be a "coach" to benefit from solid coaching skills