It's time to get your
Ducks in a Row...

...and start feeling Aligned to your Business!


If you are an Enneagram Fan, you'll not want to miss this add-on for Attraction Messaging Tips!

  • A different approach to Marketing that takes the salesy-ness out of it
  • How your Personality affects how you attract (or repel) potential clients
  • Learn the Motivation AND the Mindsets of each of the Enneagram Types to connect to them better
  • Attract clients that fuel your passion (not drain your energy)

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        Jen's unique approach in the Signature Offer Bootcamp was packed full of nuggets, even for someone who's been in business for decades. I found the exercise to stand out in your niche exceptional. I had so many a-ha moments, and now have a truly unique message to share with my audience. And I even discovered which type is my ideal customer! This bootcamp gives you the freedom to focus on the things that will actually grow your business. Jen is really helping people give themselves permission to do the things that matter, and not the things everyone says they should be doing.

        Graphics Designer


        I really enjoyed Jen's 5 day Create Your Signature Offer bootcamp. It was perfect timing for me because I was up-leveling my business. Through her program, I was able to figure out my niche, and I got all of my ducks in a row. So thank you, Jen. I am so looking forward to your future programs and I would definitely recommend this for anyone else in the future. Because of the bootcamp, I'm excited to move forward.

        Bella Bliss
        Life Coach


        Jen made me feel much more confident in my ability to get the results I wanted. By understanding my personality type and how it affects my decision-making, she helped me make better decisions that keep me moving forward. I highly recommend Jen if you're feeling lost or stuck in your business.

        Lea Jacobson
        Certified Clinical Aromatherapist