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Are you seeing the Full picture of you?

Take your life + business 
to new heights by discovering your 
Enneagram + Human Design.

Take your life + business to
new heights by discovering your
Enneagram + Human Design.

Get the COMPLETE scope of both your Nature and Nurture

What is the difference between the Enneagram and Human Design?

The Enneagram is a personality system and self-awareness tool that helps you understand your core motivations and the default patterns of behaviors you tend to display under stress. Human Design is another self-awareness tool that helps you understand your unique strengths and weaknesses according to your design before any of the conditioning of your personality.

In short, your Human Design tells you WHEN and WHERE you're living out of alignment, and your Enneagram type tells you HOW to fix that.

Why do I need to use both?

When you ask, "Why do I do that?" you're really asking yourself 2 identity questions:

1. Who am I?
2. Who am I in the world?

The truth is... you have 2 identities: an individual identity and a community identity.

You have a personal energy that helps the community, and you have a community role that you must play for energetic wholeness.

I see people make 2 fatal mistakes when it comes to personal growth. They either...

focus on themselves so much, they lose sight of their higher purpose or service, or
focus on their business or collective impact so much, they lose sight of who they are.

By following both your Enneagram and Human Design, you'll feel more passion, happiness, peace, and freedom because you'll finally discover that balance and alignment that you need in your life that...

doesn't compromise who you are at your core, and
allows for maximum impact of your gifts and talents

What good is a Personality profile if you don't know how to actually use it to improve yourself?

How do I get started?

1. Download the pdf guide to learn more about each system and how they work together.

2. Discover your own types. Do it yourself using the resources in the guide, or schedule a personal analysis to expedite your confidence and next steps.

3. Do the work to be YOU! 🚨 Don't make the mistake of putting yourself in a box by overidentifying with your Enneagram or Human Design type.

Be mindful of the blindspots of your personality (see the guide) so you can create the systems and boundaries that will hold you in balance and alignment.

A Guide for Leading a Life + Business with Purpose

Understand your unconscious flow of energy and hidden motivations behind your behaviors.
Create systems, healthy boundaries, a brand and messaging that is aligned to your personality strengths and deepest desires. Attract the right people into your life. Feel more confident! Do things that matter to YOU! Be happier!
Make a difference!

Who is this guide for?

  • Those who feel like something is missing in their life or business, but not sure what it is... 
  • Those who are asking "Why do I do the things I do?" and "What is my purpose?" 
  • Those who are struggling in a relationship (personal or professional) and are seeking understanding and solutions. 
  • Those who are busy and don't have time for fluffy information... Just the facts, ma'am! 
  • Enneagram fans who are interested in their Human Design. 
  • Human Design fans who are interested in their Enneagram Type. 
  • Busy solopreneurs who are seeking balance and alignment between their everyday life and their business.

What will you learn in this guide?

  • The 3 building blocks of your personality.
  • Enneagram Basics and the best way to determine which is your Core Type (vs. a Pseudo Type). 
  • Human Design Basics and what beginners should focus on first so you don't get overwhelmed. 
  • How to use the Enneagram and Human Design together for life and business. 
  • The Blindspots of your types that catch you off guard and cause you to backslide. 
  • Resources to continue your integration journey, plus how to access the fastest and most affordable support. 

Plus, profile comparisons among ACTUAL clients of various Enneagram Types and Human Design combinations 🤍


Download Guide

Learn more about using the Enneagram + Human Design system for finding your true identity and purpose in the world


Discover Your Types

Use the free resources in the guide to do your own research, OR schedule your personalized analysis and action plan with Jen


Do The Work

Be yourself. Create systems and boundaries in your life that protect you from conditioning and help you be unique

 Hi! I'm Jen...

I believe when you get aligned to what's core to you, you will begin to manifest the life you were designed for... and it isn't a lame one! It's an effortless, fulfilling, and impactful one!

Life is too short to be living out someone else's ideals. Plug into what lights YOU up instead!

I'm a Personality Psychology expert, specializing in helping coaches, creatives, and educators, like you, to design a business and life you love. When you start with looking at your own motivations, values, and strengths, you can integrate your unique personality into your Brand and Messaging and easily attract your ideal clients... they're ready and just waiting to find you!

The good news is... you don't need to drop everything to work on yourself! Personal growth and business growth have synergistic "Wonder Twin Powers" when they run parallel together.

Life is too long to be struggling in business AND your personal life with nothing to show for it.

Let's unbox it all and unleash that power!

"I know there's a lot to Human Design. And although I love learning, it's nice that I don't have to diy it alone. With Jen there guiding me through all the different areas, through the filter of her expertise in the Enneagram, I am able to connect the dots and piece things together in such a way that isn't intimidating."

Lea Jacobson
CCA and founder of Using Essential Oils Safely Academy

"I really feel like I'm exploring what is going to be fulfilling for my Enneagram type and Human Design. When we're learning through Jen in a session or in an office hour, we're also learning how we can help our clients as well."

Bella Bliss
Author and Transformation Life Coach