Get the Answers you Need for your Business Sooner

Tired of buying $2K courses you're not implementing?

Ditch the Group Coaching model...

No more spending hours on a call to only get ten minutes of hot seat coaching.

No more comparing yourself to others' progress (or constantly filtering others' bad vibes).

No more worrying about how vulnerable you can get on a recorded call that everyone gets lifetime access to.

No more waiting for the pitch to upgrade to the next offer.

When you hire your full-service coach...

You can finally put all those courses to use so you don't feel like you wasted your investment.

You get focused and clear. Your strategy plan will make decisions easy to make.

You get privacy. Your time with your coach is your time.

You get full access with no upgrade pitches. The only agenda is your agenda.

Fast, effective and personalized touch you can't get from Group Coaching

Wouldn't you benefit from having a coach who knows your business from the top of your funnel ... to your high-ticket offer ...
and every KPI in between?

Transform your life in 90 days

1. 90-Day Focus Plan

A comprehensive strategy session to map out your business and align the moving parts with your overall vision and core values

2. Integration Coaching

Regular 1-1 sessions with your private coach to implement your Plan, track your progress and keep your Plan optimized

3. Email or Telegram Support

Can't wait until your next session to share your results?  
Send your coach a message the instant it enters your brain so you don't forget

Imagine having a coach in your back pocket to answer all of your questions!

 "Hey Jen, can you take a look at my sales page copy and give me 1-2 points on how to improve it?" 

 "I'm feeling overwhelmed. What can I simplify without sacrificing my overall goal for this quarter?" 

 "Hey Jen, my in-laws are visiting next week, how can I tweak my plan's timeline so I can be freed up without stressing over it?" 

 "What personality traits should I look for in a team member that will balance me out?" 

 "I'm not attracting the right people. How can I tweak my branding/messaging?" 

 "Hey Jen, can I pick your brain about how to handle a dissatisfied client/customer?" 

 "Can you give me feedback on my email sequence?" 

 "Hey Jen, I want to write a book. How can I structure it to be an asset?" 

 "Hey Jen, which is the more logical offer for this upsell?" 

 "My conversion rate is only 2%. Can you help me troubleshoot my funnel?" 

 "Hey Jen, how can I streamline my tech stack?" 

 "Which lead magnet should I run my ads to first?" 

It's more than just coaching for your Business
It's coaching for your Life


We don't just care about your business, we care about you!

Time Management

Budget your time and energy and develop systems to create the Freedom Lifestyle you're working so hard to achieve.

Creative Outlet

Get guided exercises to bring your Personality + Purpose and Creative side into your Business.


Get access to training, community, and resources for your Leadership and Personal skills development.

What's the Investment?



90-day minimum is suggested to give your coach a chance to learn about your business and personality.



Depending on your package, your monthly fee is $597-1997 and renews quarterly for your convenience. Cancel anytime.



You decide how much effort you put into your business.  Reach out to your coach daily, weekly, or even just once a month for accountability.
You're the boss!

It's time to get Focused and make it Happen



Due to the High-touch immersive experience of 1-1 Mentorship, available slots are limited. It's free to apply, but only serious applicants please. We will email you an invitation link if you're a good fit. (Or give you other options if it isn't a good fit yet)



Once you receive your invitation link, we will hold your spot for 48 hours to give you time to submit your payment and make it official.



Get instant connection via email coaching or telegram as soon as your payment goes through. Then we'll immediately schedule your 90-day planning call for smashing your goals!

Jen P Higgins, MS MC CPPC

Jen is an internationally certified Master Coach who specializes in Personality Psychology and Human Development with over 20 years experience working with solopreneurs. Her masters degree in Business Analytics & Statistics, corporate and elementary teaching experience (including homeschooling her neurospicy boys) gives her a unique perspective on what business owners struggle with when it comes to identity, purpose, and communication for a successful business and a happy life. Her co-creation approach and genuine connection give her clients the safe space to feel heard and understood.