Want to reduce stress ... without quitting what you love?

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The *Be Happy* Guide: Overcoming your Personality's Stress Patterns

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Now, I obviously don't have an "off" button for stress to just hand to you, but...
Here's how my method works so well to create sustainable stress-reduction:

PSYCHOLOGY — most of your mental blocks are created from the unconscious parts of your psyche. Once you understand the psychology of stress, you can recognize the REAL root of the stress and address it at the source.

PERSONALITY — you probably have taken tests, but do you know how your profile can help you reduce stress and be more productive — while still preserving your own uniqueness? I love the Enneagram since it focuses more on what motivates you, rather than your behaviors.

PATTERNS — go beyond just behavior patterns. Using the enneagram, you’ll see the more important "invisible" cognitive and emotional patterns that are often overlooked. Then implement the strategies to counterbalance them so that "reducing stress" becomes a life-long habit on auto-pilot!

Here's a sneak peek 👀 of what you'll learn...

• the #1 thing ❗to keep in mind when dealing with stress that most people overlook
• the psychology of stress and personality according to the American Psychological Association 🧠
• the stress profiles 🤯 of the 9 enneagram personality types

• how to make sure you're not putting yourself into a box 📦

• my favorite method for counterbalancing stress patterns — even if the Enneagram isn't your cuppa 🍵

Download the *Be Happy* Guide: 
Overcoming your Personality's Stress Patterns

Learn to conquer the Chaos and find your Happiness 

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