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Find your Unique Balance

with Jen, Certified Master Coach, Enneagram expert, NLP Master Practitioner

With each day that passes, are you faced with all the things you didn't get to do?

...or tired that you're not doing enough of what lights you up?

That disconnect can affect you in conscious and subconscious ways

(Let's fix that)

Face it...

Burnout in your life or business comes from discontent.

You want to lead a meaningful life.

...but you're feeling alone and overwhelmed...
...and Negative ninnys in your life are draining you...

It doesn't matter that you have all the gratitude or the most positive attitude in the world,
if you have heard yourself saying
"trying to" or "if only" or "they should" or "not feeling it," 
there is discontentment in the wings waiting to take center stage.

Deferring your happiness (or not acknowledging your unhappiness) leads to a vicious cycle that leads to overwhelm and confusion and self-doubt.

On the other hand...

understanding what motivates you and what truly brings you happiness (not what other people imposed on you!),
you can create the boundaries you need to manifest the lifestyle that suits you best while also making the impact you were born to make in the world.

Having a Personality Life coach can help navigate the ups and downs and rocky places until you get a stronger foothold on who you truly are and what lights you up!

Before Coaching:

  • ❌ Procrastination or Busywork
  • ❌ Low energy or Wasted energy
  • ❌ Impulsive decisions
  •  Clarity and Creativity ✅
  • Healthy Boundaries ✅
  • Productivity and Progress ✅

After Coaching!

Coaching is a co-creative approach for people who want to be engaged in their own healing and betterment, but need the perspective and structure to exercise your self-awareness muscles in a safe space.

The focus is to be able to confidently express your true identity, embracing your blindpsots and honing your superpowers.  We believe that personality, neurodiversity, past experiences and current circumstances reveal a clear path for your future, full of abundance!

Let's explore (not diagnose!)

Shine the light on your unique creative expression and vision

(Let's get intimate with your Superpowers and Blindspots and Fear-Proof your life!)

Open yourself up to the possibilities to what you can achieve when you're given the space to truly Be Yourself

Save on private coaching with these Packages and start healing:

Multi-Session Packages

  • Full Intake Session
  • Choose the number of additional sessions

Transformational Package


Best value and most flexibility!

  • Built-in Accountability!
  • Personality Assessment and Personal Report
  • Full private session/mo 
  • Private Account to access session recordings
  • Email support between sessions
  • Cancel anytime.

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Jen P Higgins, MS MC CPPC

Jen is an internationally certified Master Coach who specializes in Personality Psychology and Human Development with over 20 years experience working with solopreneurs. Her masters degree in Business Analytics & Statistics, corporate and elementary teaching experience (including homeschooling her neurospicy boys) gives her a unique perspective on what business owners struggle with when it comes to identity, purpose, and communication for a successful business and a happy life. Her co-creation approach and genuine connection give her clients the safe space to feel heard and understood. 

My first coaching session with Coach Jen was absolutely eye opening.  I was in awe of watching how her very simple questions and compassionate listening skills allowed me to have more self awareness about the road blocks I was creating in my own mind. I have worked with maybe 2-3 coaches earlier this year but this coaching session was different, it is what I needed in this very. moment of my life. ... it was truly transformative and liberating. ... Coach Jen made sure that before our session ended that I set a specific time and date to finish part two of the exercise. She is truly an expert in her field and I am so glad our paths crossed, it was a divine moment in time. 


Pediatrician, Parent Coach