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UBU Coach Certification Programs

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Rapid Personal Growth

Our coaching approach focuses on addressing and working with the individual's ego or self-identity, which encompasses their beliefs, self-perceptions, values, and defense mechanisms. This approach recognizes that a person's ego plays a significant role in shaping their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and reactions to various situations. When coaching the personality ego directly, You as the coach aim to: 

  1. Increase Self-Awareness: Help the client become more aware of their ego's patterns, such as defense mechanisms or limiting beliefs that may hinder personal growth. 
  2. Explore Core Motivations: Understand the underlying motivations and desires that drive the client's behavior, which are often deeply connected to their ego. 
  3. Challenge Limiting Beliefs: Work with the client to identify and transform limiting beliefs and self-perceptions that may be holding them back. 
  4. Facilitate Personal Growth: Encourage the client to explore their true self beyond the ego, fostering personal growth, self-acceptance, and a deeper understanding of their authentic identity. 

Integrating NLP and the Enneagram, our approach involves coaching the personality ego directly. This powerful combination  delves into the core motivations and defense mechanisms associated with different personality types. By understanding and addressing the ego, clients can achieve faster and more profound results in their personal and professional development.

Learn how to coach the Personality ego directly and help your clients get faster results

Discover the Holistic Approach to Coaching Excellence

Skills for Coaches, Leaders, Consultants, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals in Learning & Development, HR, Therapists, Counselors, and Mentors

In order for people to Be Themselves,
they must work with both the nature and the nurture of their personality psychology because it impacts their whole person on an unconscious level.

Empower Yourself and your Clients

with Skills Rooted in ICF Core Competencies, NLP, and the Enneagram Profiling System.

Throughout our program, you'll delve into:

  • Mastering the Art of Identifying and Assessing Your Clients' Unique Personality 
  • Proficiently using Basic and Advanced Coaching Tools and Exercises for a Successful Sessions
  • Harnessing the Full Power of Basic and Advanced Coaching Tools and Exercises for a Thriving Practice 
  • Decoding the Neuro-Linguistic Patterns of Each Enneagram Type for Personal Transformation 
  • Implementing Integration Techniques that Enhance Your Clients' Inner and Outer Balance 
  • Exploring Advanced Enneagram Concepts for Effortless Rapport Building 
  • Creating a Winning Strategy for Your Coaching Practice: Attracting Quality Clients and Maintaining a Steady Income Flow 

This program empowers you with the expertise and skills needed to become an in-demand coach, guiding your clients toward holistic personal and professional growth.

Learn to Decode the Neuro-Linguistic patterns for each Enneagram Type you can effectively guide them through the Integration of their Mind-Body-Soul Connection

Choose your level on the
UBU Coaching Certification path...

Enneagram Life Coach

Become certified to confidently assess your client's Enneagram type and guide them on their Growth Path effectively.

Program Cost includes
Level 1: $997

Enneagram NLP Practitioner

Become certified to accelerate your client's healing. Understand the Enneagram on a deeper level in conjunction with proven NLP practices.

Program Cost includes
Level 1 and Level 2: $1997

Professional Coach

Become certified as a skillful coach using advanced Enneagram concepts, advanced Coaching techniques, and the complete business toolbox so you can build your own brand of coaching.

Program Cost includes
Level 1, 2, and 3: $6997

Master Coach

Learn all of the advanced to expert UBU tools and techniques you need to be a Master Communicator and Educator. Perfect for prospective Authors, Public Speakers, and/or online course creators.

Program Cost includes
Level 1, 2, 3, 4: $11,997

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