7 Steps to Freedom


Learn about your Personality's Stress Patterns and how to Overcome them!

Hi friend,

You're here because you feel like you're holding back and you're ready to finally make progress.

Maybe you've never even heard of the term "Shadow Work" but it resonated with you on a deeper level that you don't even have words for... you just know that this is what's missing and that you need it.

I know that very feeling. As an Enneagram type 7, I've done my fair share of reframing to the point of toxic positivity. I could have saved myself from the aftermath of years of emotional self-neglect, mental overload, and physical exhaustion and depletion (I got as low as 89lbs!), if I only understood my blindspots and hidden blueprint that was driving my subconscious behaviors. When I started doing Shadow Work, so much healing and growth led to self-empowerment and happiness, which led to better relationships and my being more effective at coaching my clients, having healthy boundaries, more confidence, and more security.

It's also the same knowing feeling I got when I just knew this information had to be made more accessible to people.
It's hard to cast your light when you're under a shadow. You deserve to be seen. And the world deserves you.

It's ok if you don't believe that yet; You just need to believe that it is possible.

In this course, I took my 20+ years of experience as a Personality Psychology expert, life+business coach and NLP practitioner summarized the journey into 7 Steps that my clients must take to finally move forward. These are the missing pieces that most people don't even know they need!

Past hang-ups and childhood wounds get healed when you complete your Shadow Work.
You'll learn to recognize the patterns and go through the 7 Steps to replace the negative energy of these scars with the empowering energy that lights you up and brings out the best in you.

My hope is that by sharing these 7 Steps that you can begin your healing journey, reaching the milestones along the way, so you'll stay encouraged and be able to track your progress during that messy middle time when you're not entirely sure which way is up!

Talk Soon...

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