The Secret to

Enneagram Typing

Do Business YOUR Way!

Confirm your Enneagram type Faster and more Accurately than taking a test so you can start aligning your business to you!

Skip the Online Test and Confusing Results

Wish a test would just straight-up tell you which Enneagram Type you are?
→ Learn how to circumvent the very nature of your personality that causes you to get different results on different tests.

Stop wasting time reading Type description after Type description (after Type description...)

Why aren't the Gurus talking about this?
→ Learn why you can see yourself in several types (and why that's good!) and the 3 simple rules that can help you avoid the consequences of choosing the wrong type.

Know which of your Behaviors is Healthy and which are Red Flags

You know your type, but how do you know if you're on the right track, or not?
→ Learn which parts of your personality you can change and which parts you shouldn't change and create a Game Plan that accommodates both.

Create your Enneagram Game Plan (9AL™)

Learn to Stop your Personality from Holding you Back so you can get Back to Business

Life is too short to stay in a box

Hi! I'm Jen...

I believe Everybody is Different and that difference isn't something to hide, but is the very thing that gives you your worth, makes you feel like you're making an impact, and why people love you.

It's also why you might struggle with cookie-cutter courses and programs!

This course isn't like that...

After 2 decades of working with other personality tools, the Enneagram was the only one that didn't make me feel boxed into a profile. Knowing my Enneagram type has given me more freedom to be who I am at my core in my life and business, unapologetically, and has allowed me to empower others to just be themselves with confidence and purpose!

If you want to make a bigger impact in your business...
It all starts with Unboxing the Best Version of YOU!

Wanna stop feeling like you're going in circles?

You need a new approach...

Understand yourself better through a fresh new and science-based approach to the Enneagram. In the full course, you will learn the 9 key primitive components of your Personality that most Enneagram enthusiasts miss. I'll guide you on how to translate your unconscious mind with our exclusive 9 Acknowledgment Languages™ method which will bring you more confidence in yourself, more connection in your relationships and more clarity in your business strategy.

  • For Beginner and Intermediate Enneagram Learners
  • Identify or Confirm your Enneagram Type 
  • Improve your Communication skills to Connect to your clients and students
  • Learn our exclusive 9 Acknowledgement Languages™ Method to create your Game Plan to get out of the box that's got you going in circles

Create a Game Plan that works with your Personality instead of against it

In the full course, you'll have Lifetime Access to current and updated versions and bonuses:

  • Easily consumable short, self-paced video lessons. ($997 value)
  • 40+ page Workbook with Listening Guides and Handouts ($97 value)
  • Bonus Module on Mindset ($197 value)
  • Bonus Module on Blind spots ($197 value)
  • Optional Follow-up Session with Jen for type-specific strategies  ($197)
  • That's over a $1600 value!

full course $1600+ value

Only $97 - 497

Easily fit learning into your lifestyle with video subtitles, audio downloads and/or transcripts of each lesson.
And here's something super cool... every video lesson is searchable to quickly find the key points you're looking for!

The 9 Acknowledgment Languages™ of your Enneagram type are the best way to

Unbox Yourself  &  Unleash Your Power

Because you tap into what makes you Unique

But don't take my word for it...

Jen has a beautiful way of drawing out your best, revealing your true self, and making you feel empowered and inspired... get in her circle! You won't be disappointed.

Lea J

CCA, Founder of Essential Oil Safety Academy

Jen's approach is so unique - it's simple, easy to follow, and yet mindblowing. I love how she sprinkles in life stories, backs it all with science and brings in different analogies to really get the point across.

Marta S

The Empowered Woman Podcast host, Founder of TEWS

Much more in depth and completely different approach.
So many incredible Enneagram GEMS!
Whoa! Blown away! 🙂

Bella B

Empowerment Coach

I learned SO much about myself and was able to implement this knowledge right away to improve my relationship with myself and others. Jen has helped me understand the unique strengths and growth opportunities for each type. 

Dawn P

Certified Moonologer™

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” ― P.T. Barnum

Course Curriculum

*Selected Lessons included in the 9AL™ Basics course