A Step-by-Step Game Plan
for Any Personality

  • Learn the Brain Science to clearly identify the Nature vs Nurture of your Personality 
  • Get actionable, strategic steps you can Immediately Implement in your Life and Business 
  • Apply the 9 Acknowledgment Languages™ to your Enneagram type to connect better to Yourself and Others

Plus, Bonus Content 👇🏻

PDF Bundle Includes:

  • Fully updated eBook (same version as Paperback)
  • Cheat sheet of the Core Motivations and Mindsets of the 9 Types
  • Descriptive summary of each Enneagram Type's stereotypical behaviors and natural abilities
  • Typical behaviors of each type under Stress (not in book)
  • Typical behaviors of each type in Security (not in book) 
  • Enneagram Type Indicator to help you identify your own Enneagram type easier (not in book) 
  •  Quick reference guide of the 9AL™ for each Type (not in book) 
  • C.O.R.E. framework to guide you in creating your Game Plan (not in book)
  • NEW! Full Audiobook Sneak Peek
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