The Enneagram App for Entrepreneurs

It's finally here!!

The Enneagram for Entrepreneurs is a PWA (Progressive Web App) which is all the craze now. Why??

  • small footprint on your device
  • ability to install it on all of your devices
  • ability to access it from any web browser
  • updates are immediate without requiring you to download a thing! 

To view the app on your Desktop's Internet Browser, simply click the widget below and create your Free Account:

To view the app on your Mobile Device, scan the QR code below and create your Free Account:

Below are tutorials on how to install the app from the link in my Business card:

How to Install on Android phones:

How to Install on iPhones:


  1. Check your inbox and use the link to verify your email address.
  2. Try using Chrome or Safari to get the immediate prompt to add to Home Screen