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Jen P Higgins, MS MC CPPC - aka @powercoachjen
Holistic Empowerment Coach for Women Solopreneurs

Certified Master Life + Business Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Personality Psychology expert.

Jen started her Personality career in 1998 with a masters in  Business Analytics & Statistics (I know, sounds boring but stick with me here...) at a federal corporate university where she, as a part of an award-winning team of IO Psychologists, developed a proprietary personality assessment system for Cultural Health. (I promise it gets better...)
She quit to start her own private practice, coaching momtrepreneurs in finding a healthy balance in their personal lives and rock their businesses at the same time.
Jen's struggle of raising and homeschooling her neurospicy boys (they're really cute though!) gave her a greater insight on the individuality of all people, even outside of an "autism" or "adhd" label. This fueled her passion to help others tap into the Power of what's really core to who you are and design the only business that lights you up from the "within-side out" while also making a difference in the lives of others.

You deserve a life and business full of passion, happiness, peace, and freedom!